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Modern cleaning machine is no longer just a device for cleaning but also drying. There are a huge number of models on the market of hard surface cleaner machine, each of which has its characteristics and a large number of functions and capabilities. Due to the huge number of parameters, the choice of a cleaner machine at first glance may seem difficult. But not everything is as complicated as it seems.

The design of the cleaner machine largely determines its capabilities. Therefore, to begin with, you should evaluate how much work the cleaner machine will need to cope with. The choice of type depends on many factors: the area of the apartment, the presence of carpeting, the amount of upholstered furniture, the frequency of cleaning, even the number of people and animals living.

What to consider when choosing a hard surface cleaner machine:

A cleaning machine today is no longer wonder, but an integral part of the interior of many apartments. Almost everyone faced the problem of choice. For those who have just decided to purchase a hard surface cleaner machine,

Here are some tips:-


The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a hard surface cleaner machine is not the price, but the goals and scope of the cleaning equipment. Sometimes it’s more advisable to buy an expensive highly specialized cleaner, than a cheap universal one. Therefore, the main thing is the correspondence of needs and functions in cleaning.

Identify needs 

Having decided to purchase a hard surface cleaner machine, make sure you know your needs. You should take into account: the size of the cleaned area, the type and condition of the coating, the number of inaccessible places, the presence of stairs, elevators and escalators and finally, the solution to this problem should fit into the desired cost.


Getting acquainted with the technical characteristics of the proposed models, it is worthwhile to pay attention to such parameters as the suction efficiency, which affects the speed of drying the floor, and the brush pressure, on which the quality of the wash depends. The shape of the drive is also essential: concave is certainly preferable since it does not allow dirty water to spread. When cleaning objects such as hotels and medical facilities, the noise level which should be minimal, is of great importance.

  • Surge Protection

Overvoltage protection automatically turns off the washing machine during a power surge. This protects the electronic circuits of the device from dangerous loads and extends their service life.

  • Child protection

Child protection allows you to lock the control panel of the machine – thus, the child will not be able to change the operating mode of the machine, prematurely stop the program, start the machine without loading, etc.

To know how to choose a hard surface cleaner machine, you must decide on the amount of work that it must perform. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the area of the room, the quality of the flooring, the degree of constraint etc. Naturally, for large spaces, you need to pick up a hard surface cleaner machine with high power.

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