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  • Hoardings play a very important role in the construction site. Their presence is valued so much that without the hoardings, it becomes a difficult job in construction sites. While A class hoarding is used for safety and precautionary reasons to restrict unwanted guests to the sites, B class hoarding is mainly used for the overhead protection for the pedestrians in the footpath.  
  • Sydney is known for its tall buildings and sky crappers. This means that B class hoarding in Sydney is a must in the construction site to protect the public from all kinds of danger. It may also occur from the objects that may fall from the heightened construction site.  
  • Apart from this, B class hoarding in Sydney are consciously designed and modelled to ease high climbers, scaffolding, shades for building sites, acts as a stage for the workers in construction sites and many more. The B class hoarding in Sydney is modelled by certified experts and engineers. This way there is no compromise on the quality and safety of the hoardings.   
  • The B class hoarding in Sydney is designed to shape a structure overhead. It helps not only the pedestrians, everyone who comes under it that includes the bicycle riders and the workers who work above it. The most essential thing in the construction of the B class hoarding in Sydney is that it is constructed of steel and not of timber. The design of the prefabricated modular steel gantry comes in parts. It must be assembled to form a whole structure. This type also serves as a fence to the sites. 
B class hoarding

B class hoarding

Full Structured B Class Hoardings

It is specially constructed and designed just like the B class hoarding. The only difference is the full structured B class hoarding are wider and the frame made up of steel. It is specially used in areas where pathways are wider to protect the people below. This may include cycle paths, pathways, and footways. The full structured B class hoarding is the most preferred choice for it is more flexible and covers a large area as well. It offers great flexibility and covers large areas which include the trees, lamp poles, furniture, poles, lights and also other structures that support it.

The B class Structure holdings are used in areas of high population or traffic areas. It also serves as a supporting structure for the workers.


The scaffolding in Sydney is constructed on the public roads that protect those on the streets. The scaffolding in Sydney is aided by A-type hoarding fence which is mostly connected to the frame of the Scaffolding. The Scaffolding in Sydney is also used on the deck of the B type hoarding. It helps in accommodating the site sheds and can be seen very common in huge construction sites. The scaffolding in Sydney is slowly gaining popularity for its flexibility and purpose.

Apart from Scaffolding, there are other structures that are linked with the B class hoardings and they are the site shades and other related specifications.

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