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A fastener closing system produced by the hook and loop consists of a rough side called the hook and the softer mate known as the loop. The closure mechanism is usually obtained when the hook engages strongly to the loop. The different forms of hook and loop combinations are available in this current technology.

Hook and loop tapes are the strips of well-manufactured fabric that normally use the closure mechanism of hook and loop. The square and dots are some of the shaped pieces of the designed fabric to enhance the hook and loop mechanism.

Hook and loop can be bought as a separate constituent, though most of the time, retailers make a package that incorporates all the sides of the customer convenience.

There are different ways in which the hook and loop Velcro can be attached to any product. It can be welded to attach to itself or probably another fabric or heat-activation applied, this will glue it to the surface after application of pressure when sewn to the textiles and fabrics.


The strength depends on the way hooks have been embedded in the loops, the surface area in contact, and the force that is trying to separate it. The following are the ways that you can use to maximize the bond strength between the hooks and loop tape:

  • The surface area of the bond should be increased by using larger pieces.
  • A parallel force is applied to the fastener surface plane, force should be strong enough to embed the entire height of the hooks.
  • The area unit containing the loops should be extensive and the number of hooks also increased.


  •   Easy to use.
  •   Requires minimal maintenance
  •   It is safer.
  •   The tearing noise produced when it unfastened is useful against the pickpockets.


Like any other materials hook and loop Velcro has some deficiencies in that, it can accumulate air, fur, and dust on the hooks surface after some time. The loops may be broken and made elongated after the exhaustive use. Some of the users of the hook and loop tape find that the tearing noise that is usually produced when unfastening the closure mechanism inappropriate.


  • Hook and loop fastener is easy to use and thus, its application has been implemented in various fields that require a temporary bond.
  • It is applied in clothing such that it replaces the zippers and buttons. For those children who have not yet learned the technique used to tie shoelaces hook and loop tape is used to fasten their shoes.
  • Very strong and adaptive hook and loop fasteners is used to minimize the dressing difficulty of the physically disabled people and the elderly.
  • During artificial heart surgery in theatres, touch fasteners are used to hold a human heart together. The nuclear power plants use hook and loop fasteners to ho hold the big flashlights against the walls.
  • In our homes, we use them to keep the attachment of upholstery in place and the carpets. Briefcases, pockets, backpacks, disposable diapers and notebooks are closed and secure using the hook and loop fasteners.

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