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A carpet cleaner removes dirt and stains that are found in a carpet. They give your carpet a smooth clean because they can be able to access even the old stubborn stains that are found in a carpet. This is why most people prefer using these because they leave your carpet stainless. There are different types of these carpet cleaners. They have various components that help them remove the stains.

They include the pump, a vacuum for sucking the water and dirt from the carpet, a solution tank for holding the water that will be used to rinse the carpet, the recovery tanks that take in all the dirt and water and finally the heating unit that is responsible for cleaning a carpet. The heating unit is only for those carpets that use heat to clean and is not found in all portable carpet cleaners. For you to be able to purchase the best portable carpet cleaner, you have to look at all these components. 

What to look for in carpet cleaner.

Most households these days are using these portable cleaners. Therefore there has been an increase even in the supplies in the market for these.

How then do you buy the best portable carpet cleaner in the market?


It is said that the heavier the portable cleaner, the more flawless stain removal. They are said to be the best when it comes to removing stains. This will be a good added advantage to your cleaning the carpet.


The best portable carpet cleaner should have a good amount of suction. It will enable the portable cleaner to remove as much water as possible. This will ensure that you are not left with a wet carpet.

Storage friendly 

When it comes to shopping for the best portable carpet cleaner, you have to look for that which will not inconvenience you when it comes to storage. Therefore look for that which will be easy to store as well as cleaning your carpet.

Tank size

This is another most essential thing that you should look at when it comes to buying the best portable carpet cleaner for your house. However, this will matter with the heaviness of the cleaning you are planning to do. These portable carpet cleaners do not have such a big tank size; this is why they are recommended for home use. This is why if you are looking for one just for your home, you should go with these portable cleaners.

Length of cord and hose

The longer the hose, the easier it will be for you to reach every part of the room. It will also give you more room to navigate around the room as you clean. This is most important as you do not want to keep straining carrying the machine around the room.

Buying the best portable carpet cleaner is not as hard if you know the various things to look out for. Therefore when doing your shopping always consider various things on your side as well as the cleaner itself.

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