Sat, Jul 24, 2021

The Sydney Water building plan approvals can be described as permissions to get approval for any construction that is being done over a water asset that is owned by the administrative body referred to as Sydney Water. Such approval is also necessary for all landscaping and excavation work that is being done close to such a water asset. By providing such permission Sydney Water makes sure that your work would not damage the assets or limit the body’s access to the same. Such approval is also necessary when you are filing a development application with the consent authority in your area.

The process for providing such approvals 

There is a definite way that you can go about while trying to get your Sydney Water building plan approvals. You need to start the process by filing your plans at the portal known as Sydney Water Tap in. At the time of application, the body would ask you some short questions. The answers you provide would be used by the body to determine if your work is affecting the assets or limiting the access of Sydney Water to the same in any way. It is based on this that your plan would either be accepted or sent for further evaluation.

Water Servicing Co-ordinators 

Water Servicing Coordinators are important persons in the context of Sydney Water building plan approvals. These are providers who are listed to work for Sydney Water. There are many ways in which they can help you. They can review your building plan and discuss the choices and requirements for your project. They can advise you regarding the documents that are necessary for your work. They can specify what needs to be done to protect the water assets. They can also suggest viable alternatives in this regard.

Out of scope application

If your application for Sydney Water building plan approval is outside the scope of work being done by a Water Servicing Coordinator, it would be referred to Sydney Water directly. This is done so that it can be reviewed in a specialized way. There are certain situations where such applications are forwarded by the water servicing coordinators. It could be that your wastewater pipe design is not in agreement with the diagrams that are mandated by Sydney Water for such purposes. It could be that the wastewater infrastructure is not a pipe or tunnel.

How long does it take for the plans to be approved?

The Sydney Water building plan approval can be provided straight away if the work is not affecting the water assets in any way. You would be provided with a letter of approval and asked to pay a fee instead of that. In case your application needs to be referred to the Water Servicing Coordinators Sydney Water would also give you a possible date by when you can expect a reply from the same. Let us say that the Coordinator has referred your application to Sydney Water as an out of scope application. If the application is simple you would receive the conditions for approval in 21 days.


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