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Car inspection and insurance process go side by side. In fact, according to the experts, it forms an integral part of an entire proceeding. Forgetting the time of renewal will lead to the policy getting lapsed. This means one needs to undergo the entire process right from the beginning. In addition to this, any failure in terms of getting the policy renewed might increase the possibility of the application being rejected.

When it comes to car inspection in Blacktown, there are certain situations when it becomes mandatory. The following write-up discusses both the situations where inspection is necessary and where it is optional.

When does Car Inspection Stand Mandatory?

Apart from renewing the insurance policy, there are several other circumstances when car inspection stands essential. The following are some of them—

  • If the car or the vehicle meets an accident, then inspection is required. Inspection examines the damaged being caused and enlists the loss coverage covered under the plan. According to professional insurers carrying out car inspection in Blacktown, such inspections assess the lost and the cost that is going to incur during the repairing.
  • If the car is attached with additional accessories like anti-theft alarm, CNG kit, then inspection is required in order to ensure that the purchase of the fittings comes under the policy bought.
  • If the car is being sold and bought by some other person, then an inspection is utmost required. Such inspections are carried out by the insurer or by any authorised person. Apart from this, it is also mandatory to make sure that the insurance policy is also transferred with the ownership change. However, in this scenario, the person purchasing the car has the freedom to either continue with the same policy or to buy a new one only after terminating the existing policy.
  • In addition to the above, if the person switches the third party policy to a comprehensive policy, then the insurance company will always recommend going for a thorough car inspection in Blacktown under an expert’s supervision.

When is Car Inspection not Necessary?

One of the most common moments when an inspection is not required is when there is no gap between the policy expiry and policy renewal date and time.

Why is Car Inspection Necessary?

Car inspections solve primarily two purposes—

  1. To ascertain that the insured vehicle exists
  2. To record and physically examine the vehicle’s condition and thus, forbidding the policyholder to claim from the existing damages

Well, the physical examination of the vehicle or car ensures the presence of existing dents and prevents such illogical claim.

For the accidental vehicles, inspection plays a crucial role in claim settlement. The entire repairing and part replacement claim, when the vehicle is in the line of car service in Blacktown, is settled based on the inspection report.

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