Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Selecting new waterproof vanity cabinets for your bathroom can be a little tough task especially if you are doing it for the first time. As an individual, you will have to ensure that the cabinets not only look good and stylish but also fit under your budget. The average life span of a bathroom is around 18 years, which clearly means that the products that you decide to put in your bathroom should a last around 18 years and not to forget that 18 years is a pretty huge time period!

It’s very much important that you decide upon the right material for your vanity cabinets. The material used for the product will determine the lifespan and durability. So, we are now left with the question that which is the best material for bathroom cabinets? Well, see the cabinets are made keeping in mind the style, thus there are only a few materials out of which the waterproof vanity cabinets can be created. Let’s take a look at some of the materials and hopefully you will be able to determine the best material for your needs.

1) Solid Wood

The look and feel of solid wood just seem unimaginable! If you can protect the wood well and the price isn’t your major concern then you should definitely get this material otherwise you should stay away from it! That being said, let’s move on to the next option!

2) MDF

Medium Density Fibreboard, short for MDF, is quite a strong engineered material that’s commonly used in the manufacturing of waterproof vanity cabinets. It’s a combination of small pieces of wax and composite fibres joined together with the help of wax or resin. The finishing is done by painting or covering with veneer.

MDF is very much affordable and looks stunning but it’s important to realize that in terms of longevity and quality, it doesn’t seem to win the game. When compared with solid wood, MDF just offers 30% of the quality and never hope for the material to last for long.

3) Plywood

Plywood is containing of multiple veneers of wood glued together for the formation of layered sheets. In the world of waterproof vanity cabinets, this material is very much popular and prevailant. In terms of strength, Plywood is quite great but it may fail at thickness and quality because there’s a lot to offer. Unfortunately, Plywood can never give the exact or similar feel as of solid wood.  With the everchanging humidity environment, it will definitely not expand and contract but it still looks a lot cheaper than solid wood. If you want a good luxurious finish then maybe Plywood is not what you would be looking for.


Well, we didn’t mention one material and i.e. PVC. Out of all the above materials, PVC holds out to be the most effective which can even resist water 100% without major issues. But the downside is that PVC is a fairly new practice and that’s why not many companies have adopted the idea of using it in their production of waterproof vanity cabinets. Let’s see what the future holds for it!

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