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Cleaning out the gutters is a messy job. It stinks badly and is miserable. Installing a gutter guard can save you from this headache, but not everyone knows which type of gutter guard in Melbourne is suitable for their home. Well, this post will brighten your knowledge of the three types of gutter guards. They are surface tension, screen, and fine mesh. The features and the installation methods of all these three types vary that will help you finalize the one best for your home. These gutter guards are for the gutters that are typical in many homes. 

Surface Tension 

Water adheres to the rounded nose of the gutter guard and flows directly into the gutter with surface-tension gutter guards. The debris and the leaves fall off over the edge as these guards work well with the debris. When you install the guard at an angle similar to the roof slope, the gutter guards work best. However, this is not possible on long gutter runs as it requires one end to hang high. Water can shoot over the surface tension gutter guards in heavy downpours. Only a small amount of debris enters the gutters when installed correctly. 

You can easily clean the solid surface of the gutter guard in Melbourne by occasional spraying with the help of a garden hose. The guards keep the bigger debris out and require little maintenance upon the correct installation. They are long-lasting and can withstand strong winds. 


Of all the types of gutter guards, these are the most common ones. Available in distinct shapes and materials, you can install them in different ways. These guards work best when leaves are the biggest problem. However, you may need to remove the screens to clean out the seeds and pine needles. Screens are easy to install. Some of them may slide up under the shingles. This is helpful as the screen angles downward to allow sliding off the debris. Screens keep off larger leaves and debris and are readily available. 

Screens are inexpensive and work with various types of roofs like steel, tile, shingles, wood, slate, etc. They can work with brittle, old shingles. For installing them, you can simply cut them into sections and wedge them properly. The right place to wedge them is between the fascia and the gutter. There is no need to fasten them. 

Fine mesh 

The functioning of fine mesh is similar to the screens. They are the best gutter guards as they block all the smaller debris. They require occasional cleaning and are easy to brush clean. You can install them under the shingles or bend the back to screw to the fascia. The method strengthens the gutters to hold themselves during harsh weather conditions. These guards are higher quality versions that remain intact during strong winds. When installed flat, they add strength to the gutter. They can also work with various types of roofs like steel, shingles, and tile. 

Gutter Guard SydneyConclusion 

While requiring little to no maintenance, these gutter guards allow nothing into the gutters. Their quality is good, and they offer flexibility. Choose the one that matches your home’s roof types.

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