Fri, Sep 24, 2021

Summary – It’s the age of eco-friendliness, and many businesses are doing their part by using biodegradable stand up pouches Australia.

Flexible packaging is one of the standout sectors of the last decade. Heavy criticism of the packaging industry from regulators and the media regarding the use of plastic made everyone believe that the packaging industry was under threat. However, the invention of eco-friendly flexible packaging items has changed all of that. Plastic pollution in water bodies and landfills is still a major concern. That’s why the rise of flexible packaging items like biodegradable stand up pouches Australia is understandable. 

Companies have finally found a packaging item that’s both cheap and eco-friendly. In the past decade, countless popular snack brands, beverage companies, candy brands, and even laundry detergent businesses have switched to using these packaging items. Compared to traditional packaging items like metal cans, plastic boxes, and glass bottles, stand-up pouches are much more sustainable and future-proof. 

A Passion to Cut Down Waste

Stepping into 2021, waste reduction will be a key priority for all major manufacturing companies. Not only does waste reduction help companies preserve the environment, but they also save money on transportation, waste disposal, etc. Finely designed biodegradable stand up pouches Australia play a huge role in this switch from waste generation to waste reduction. Some companies have reported up to 80% reductions of waste by switching from traditional packaging methods to these pouches. 

These measures to cut down packaging waste also saves companies from risks like waste spills in seas or fires at incineration centres. As packaging waste cuts down, so does our over-dependency on fuel (for incineration) and landfills. Hence, this passion for cutting down waste by switching to biodegradable stand up pouches Australia makes sense for consumers, companies, and packaging experts. 

Reduce Transportation Fees 

Transporting and packaging traditional packaging items like bottles, cans, plastic boxes, etc., comes with huge costs. The packaging industry is determined to drive down these costs and biodegradable stand up pouches Australia are helping them achieve this objective. Stand up pouches, like other forms of flexible packaging items, are extremely easy to store. They take up little space and can reduce shipment weights by up to 90%. If we account the cost reductions in transportation fees, packaging companies can save two or three times their yearly budgets by switching to stand up pouches. 

Inadequate storage space is also a major issue in packaging warehouses and manufacturing centres. By switching to stand up pouches, companies can bid adieu to issues like halts in supply chains. This reduction in storage space requirements also impacts customers. A customer can easily carry ten biodegradable stand up pouches Australia from the store and to their homes with ease. The same can’t be said about metal cans or glass boxes. 

Environment and Health 

The latest biodegradable stand up pouches Australia are not just recyclable, but they also don’t need toxic chemicals to be manufactured. That’s what makes these pouches different from recyclable glass bottles or metal cans. Plus, as more people eat organic food, avoid preservatives, and adopt healthier practices, the popularity of these pouches will increase further!


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