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If you invest in a staircase in Sydney, you want this structure to add real value to your home. When you decide to sell the property, the staircase should be able to add to its market value. That’s why staircases need to be timeless in style and design. After all, no homeowner knows when they’ll have to sell their home. 

That’s why the leading staircase builders in Sydney recommend timber staircases. The initial cost of such staircases is often higher than expected. But, homeowners can certainly make their money back whenever they decide to move as timber is durable than other types of staircase building materials. 

Here’s why experienced staircase builders in Sydney recommend timber staircases to their clients:

1. Unparalleled Beauty:

A solid wooden staircase in Sydney can transform any property. They create elegant and rustic aesthetics that can’t be achieved with other types of staircase building materials. Timber has been used as a staircase building material for many centuries. Over the years, staircase designers have been able to craft stunning designs. 

The leading staircase builders in Sydney can craft staircases in an extensive range of timbers. Maple, oak, and other hardwood materials can be used to create a customised staircase project that suits your home’s existing décor and style. In terms of colour and natural aesthetic appeal, nothing matches a well-designed wooden staircase.

2. Resistance to Damages:

Timber is known for being one of the strongest and the most resistant staircase building materials in the world. It can be used to create both heavy-duty and light staircases. Either way, once you use timber wood to build a staircase in Sydney, it is guaranteed to last for many years. The hefty initial investment pays off in various ways, such as:

  • Timber staircases can withstand being painted, varnished, sanded, and even waxed multiple times. 
  • Homeowners can easily give timber staircases added protection and reverse the damage from day-to-day wear and tear.
  • The customisability of timber staircases allows homeowners to modify its shade and texture to suit any modification to their home’s décor. 
  • The impact of moisture damage and UV sunlight damage on a timber staircase in Sydney is minimal compared to other materials like vinyl, tiles, etc. 

3. Minimal Effort:

Top staircase builders in Sydney offer a variety of stair renovation and modification services. When homeowners no longer like the colour or the style of their existing timber staircases, instead of getting new staircases, they can make easy upgrades. These upgrades don’t damage the sturdy timbers; they only improve them in aesthetic quality. 

Plus, unlike carpeted staircases, timber stairs are easy to clean and maintain. Since staircases often pick up damages from heavy foot traffic, spillages, or muddy footprints, they need to be easy to clean. Timber’s non-absorbent nature makes these stairs very easy to clean.

4. Make Homes Feel Airy: 

Experienced staircase builders in Sydney use timber for its natural anti-allergen nature. Dust, dirt, grime, etc., don’t accumulate on hard timber surfaces. So, keeping the stairs clean is very easy. The dust-free nature of a timber staircase in Sydney will also make your home feel airier and give your home a natural-looking interior design.

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