Tue, Sep 21, 2021

If you’re getting carpet cleaning Epping, your providers better offer you steam cleaning services. Here’s why. 

Steam cleaning has become immensely popular amongst carpet owners. It’s the preferred cleaning technique of top experts of Carpet Cleaning Epping as well. This water-based cleaning method involves the use of low-pressure steam. The steam helps eliminate soluble substances from the surfaces of the carpets. 

So, carpets that have a lot of dirt, oil, grease, coffee spills, and other soluble stains need to be steam-cleaned. Bear in mind – the steam itself doesn’t clean the carpet; it only activates the cleaning agents and the fibres in the carpet. When hot steam touches the carpet fibres, heavy stains are broken up. 

The cleaning agents can then break up dirt and stains even better. Top providers of Carpet Cleaning Epping use special steam cleaning tools to carry out this process. Here’s why carpet owners must ask their cleaning experts to use these tools and perform steam cleaning on their carpets – 

Complete Elimination of All Pollutants

Dirty carpets, unfortunately, harbour countless pollutants – 

  • Pet dander
  • Insect eggs
  • Allergens 
  • Dead insects
  • Chemicals like lead, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), etc.

These potentially dangerous particles don’t belong anywhere inside residential spaces. Carpet owners can unknowingly inhale these pollutants. Thankfully, steam cleaning eliminates all of these pollutants. Even if your carpets aren’t regularly vacuumed, steam cleaning can make them squeaky clean within seconds. 

Experts of Carpet Cleaning Epping use the best steam cleaning tools to wash carpets at the right temperatures. Periodic wet extraction cleaning eliminates all of these pollutants inside carpets, helping carpet owners create safe living spaces. 

Preventing Infestations

 Two types of infestations  can be prevented with periodic wet extraction cleaning or steam cleaning – dust mite infestation and mould infestation. Carpets are the favourite hunting grounds of microscopic dust mites. They thrive in warm and dirty environments like the insides of old carpets. 

When left undisturbed, dust mites release waste products and proteins which are collectively known as allergens. These microscopic particles can be deadly for people with allergies. Regular steam cleaning creates traps that dust mites can’t avoid. The hot steam forces them out of their hiding spots, and the cleaning agents kill them off. 

The leading experts of Carpet Cleaning Epping know which temperatures are unbearable for dust mites. So, if they spot dust mite infestations, they use their steam cleaning tools to inject the right amounts of heat into the carpets. Similarly, moulds, another allergen-producing microscopic creature, find hot temperatures unbearable.

When moulds inside carpets are exposed to steam, they immediately die. That’s why carpet owners are advised to get regular Carpet Cleaning Epping and ensure their carpets don’t offer the moisture, oxygen, and dust that these microscopic pests require to survive and thrive. 

Steam Cleaning Reinvigorates Old Carpets

The best providers of Carpet Cleaning Epping have one main objective – extend the lives of their clients’ carpets. Steam cleaning helps old carpets get rid of their worn-out appearances. With every steam cleaning session, old carpets look newer. If your carpet is old and expensive, you need to have it steam cleaned every 6-12 months! 


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