Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Your bed is not only the centrepiece of your bedroom but also space where you spend one-third of your time. This is the reason why you should not take the process of buying a new one very lightly. Undoubtedly you want your bed to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You probably have an idea about your budget and a definite style in mind. But where to start from? 

The good news is there are numerous retailers with an excellent selection of high-quality Australian made beds. To make things easier for you, we have jotted down some of the best places to buy a new Australian bed. 

Why invest in Australian-made products? 

There are quite a vast number of reasons for buying an Australian made bed:

  • Environmental sustainability

This is probably one of the most common reasons why people prefer choosing locally made Australian furniture. Local items generally have a lower environmental impact as they need less travel time to collect from the source and reach the production facility and finally to the store. 

  • Ethical labor practices

Australia maintains certain business and labour practices that are not complied with or required in any other country. That means, when you buy an Australian made bed, you can remain sure that you are contributing towards a business that pays and treats its workers fairly.  

  • Quality assurance

People in Australia are pretty proud of their standard of work. That makes sense that businesses based here would commit themselves towards offering top-tier and well-crafted goods. They also focus on using high-quality materials and resources while creating their products. 

  • Supporting local business

The Australians always know someone who owns a small local business and is eager to support them. When you buy local Australian made furniture, you help to support such small businesses. This allows the craftsman to continue doing what they love. 

  • Boosting Australian economy

When you are buying local Australian furniture, you are keeping your money in Australia. This creates more demand for a local job and boosts the economy and the flow of money within it.

  • Customer warranties

The Australian Consumer Law – ACL entitles the locals to warranty on local goods. That is applicable even if you have extended beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. Depending on the manufacturer, you might get additional company warranties and guarantees.

  • Low delivery cost 

While shipping from Australia to Australia, your shipping cost will be significantly low than if you are shipping from overseas. Lower delivery cost also means lower ecological costs. 

  • Better customer service

Any furniture producing company in Australia incorporates any specific requirement that suits their customer needs. Any local firm will be able to meet any custom needs or finishes efficiently and promptly. The customer support team of a reliable company is always at your service to answer your questions. 

Bottom line

So, are you ready to purchase an Australian made bed? If you find the reasons mentioned above enough to convince you to buy Australian furniture, you can check for any online or offline furniture store options. Visiting showrooms is the best idea to choose the piece that suits your need. 


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