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The public and workers will slip on the wet floor which causes injury and accidents. One of the important safety features in the public area and the workplace is anti slip tile coating.

Slip-resistant floors are must in greasy, soapy and wet areas. Some of the common places in which you must install slip-resistant floors are quarantine areas, mechanical workshops, pools, and pool change rooms, health services, and laboratories, food processing facilities, commercial kitchens and bunded wash bays in common places.

Anti slip tile coating must be installed in heavy traffic areas and high- risk areas like steel decking, checker plate, platforms, walkways, the entrance of public place and ramps. In this article let us discuss some common solutions for a slip in the workplace and public area.

Solution For The Anti-Slip Floor:

The coating used for the floor must have anti-slip properties. It is very important for industries and public areas. Slip-resistant coatings are available in different grades.

You must select the grade based on the applications. Many suppliers will customize the coating layer based on the safety requirements needed for a particular place.

To reduce liability and prevent accident the manufacturers include anti slip tile coating elements to the coating layer.

Some of the best anti-slip features used for the floor coating are epoxy floor coating and polyurethane resin. The epoxy-coated floors are easy to clean and they need very little maintenance. Similar to aesthetic tiles the epoxy coated tiles attract visitors.

Retrofitting Coating for Non- Slip Tile:

Non slip floor coating for tiles is definitely a versatile option. It can be used in different types of substrates. Some of the common places where the coating can be applied are old concrete floors, different types of finished flooring, wood, laminate, and tiles.

For making the external floors and walkways safer you can apply acid etching. It can be applied to the already installed tiles. Non- slip edging can be fitted to the steps and the walkways.

Each type of coating will give slip resistance at different levels. If you need a superior grip for the floors then you can use sand or aluminum oxide.

Moreover, anti slip tile coating can also be used in the textured surface. If you are not aware of the different types of coating for the floors then you can get advice from the experts in this field.

Anti-Skid paints:

One of the common and popular coating types used by most people is anti-skid paint. There are three types of anti-skid paints available in the market.

They are nano anti-skid paint, own composition of anti-skid paint, and premixed anti-skid paint. When you are planning to apply anti-skid paint then you must keep three important things in mind.

The first important factor is the type of substrate like plastic, wood, concrete, metal and so on. The second important consideration is the environment of the substrate and the third important consideration is the end application.

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