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Today the world is shifting towards digital advancement which is an amazing development of our era because of Computer and Communication technologies. It has made a significant impact on all life aspects in the visual world. 

In graphic designing, many changes have taken place. It is moving to the next digital world. Many transformations we can see in graphic designing have transformed from handmade to digital machine processes, from paper and drawing to different shapes and forms of digital media. 

For graphic designers, it makes some sense for moving their career to a digital one. Graphic designers are moving the traditional media into digital media. This shift to online platforms has become an eye for the traditional media in high demand. The demand for a traditional graphic designer has reduced and there is more demand for those who can create and innovate new things digitally which means digital media designers. Newspapers, magazines, and certain advertising ads are all becoming part of the internet. 


The transition from graphic designer to digital designer:

There are some skills to become a digital designer. As graphic designers are the experts so it doesn’t have to be difficult to become a digital one. Digital skills require a professional certificate and some short digital media designing courses which will transform a graphic designer into a digital one. And this program is designed to help participants to reach their career goals and get the achievement to become the digital designers for the New generation. 

Digital media courses in Mumbai include learning real-world products like mobile apps, games, websites, etc. You will get many projects which will boost your career as a digital designer. 

 Digital Media skills required: 

The institutes for digital media courses in Mumbai include artistic talent, creativity, and some of the technical skills to design everything from video game animation to company websites and many more. If one wants to make a career in digital media, they should have the following skills: 

    • Art: Digital media is visual and real. If you have to make some products or it’s a company brand, it should be taken into consideration. Knowledge of design is a must. 
    • User interface (UI): The user interface is often considered as a subset of UX design. It must have a similar overall. 
    • Communication: The technology has enabled all the necessary things to communicate to its audience individually with many options with audience selection. 


  • Innovation: Digital design is the first thing that comes after the digital revolution. Digital designers are the ones which can create our future by their digital experiences, from virtual to real interface. The upcoming digital media will be an exciting and innovative industry to work in.


Degree and courses: 

There are various areas where the profession is trained and also gained. It includes gaming, animation, digital content management, and also social media platforms such as video and audio platforms.  Since the digital media design courses are relatively new and all the upcoming colleges and universities are in process of integrating the modules in both bachelor’s as well as in the master’s degree. Most of the digital media courses are specially designed by popular companies like Google, NIT, Microsoft, etc. These expert companies have included all the modules which are very important and needed to be learned and upgrade all the courses. 

In Mumbai, many digital designing institutes have opened the doors for the participants to explore their knowledge and creation. So, coming to the point this transformation will create new challenges for traditional graphic designers to get totally involved in new media digital design. 

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