Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Although having a screen for your shower is functional, it brings out a design statement in the bathroom. It will be great if you have a Semi-Frameless Shower Screen installed in your bathroom. These types of screens have played a very significant role in today’s modern bathrooms.

They come with different styles that suit any bathroom. The most recommended screens are those made from glass. When designing your bathrooms, ensure that you use the semi-frameless shower screens since they do allow light into your bathroom. Besides, your bathroom will also seem large.

These screens come in various designs, like the hexagonal and rectangular design. These designs should be experimented with tiles and colours, making them neutral and bold, but according to your wish. You should prefer a bold and unique design, which will provide your bathroom with an enclosed view. This helps your shower from being exposed.

When designing your bathroom layout, the greatest issue is coming up with where to place your shower. However, the semi-frameless shower screens enable you to have an open, luxurious, and contemporary design.

Since you now know what a semi-frameless screen is, you should hence know the reasons why most people do prefer them:

  • Creating the idea of a streamlined and larger space:

Ceiling to floor designs allows flexible sizes and more ideas of where to place the tap and showerheads in the bathroom.

  • Easy to clean:

Are you thinking of spending less time while cleaning your bathroom? You should then consider using the semi-frameless shower screen because they are very easy to clean, thus saving you time. The shower consists of only one glass screen, which is easier to clean. Moreover, they do not hold to dirt and grime, which happens to other types of showers screens.

  • Accessibility and sizes:

These types of screens are versatile. They can fit into any size of the bathroom. Thus, they can adequately fit in your bathroom even if the space is small. The screens can also fit perfectly in small spaces.

They also have a great benefit because they tend to be more readily accessible than baths. The semi-frameless shower screens do not require one to step over high ledges since they have an excellent solution for people having problems. They do provide convenience, simplicity, and accessibility that attract many buyers.

  • Comes with many styles:

The semi-frameless shower screen works greatly in contemporary designed bathrooms. They do offer a slick design, lack expensive decorative characteristics. They thus make the screens look perfect for a small spaced bathroom. You can also use the screens in the traditional bathrooms by applying the style and fixtures of the traditional decor, making you accomplish your dream.

You should consider using the semi-frameless shower screens because they are highly beneficial. They not only have great designs but also come in different sizes that will make your bathroom look elegant. Do you wish to have a shower that is splendid and will attract you every time you need to shower? Then opt for the semi-frameless shower screens.

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