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A battery-powered trimmer or lawn mower is undoubtedly a great buy for some people. They are a perfect choice for smaller lawns and gardens and eco-friendly. Besides, they are also easy to maintain. If you have a land that is –an acre or smaller or up to –acre at most, you can consider buying a battery-powered trimmer.

However, is it worth the purchase? Here we will focus on some of the best aspects of these trimmers that will help you make a more informed decision.  

What is a battery-powered trimmer?

The very name makes it clear that a battery-powered grass trimmer is an instrument that operates on battery power as opposed to gas or other fuel.  This cordless trimmer works by utilizing the stored energy or battery. You need to charge the battery for the manufacturer’s prescribed time, and the trimmer then runs with the energy stored from the battery. That is similar to our mobile and Smartphone. 

You need to push a button or switch to start these trimmers. That means you don’t have to add fuel to these trimmers like its gas counterparts. There is also no need to replace filters and perform regular maintenance. A battery-powered trimmer is easy to operate, and virtually no maintenance is required.  

Why choose a battery-powered grass trimmer?

Numerous reasons are there why professionals prefer battery-powered grass trimmer.

  • Firstly, this equipment is quiet and is great for working in residential areas with small neighbouring properties.
  • Moreover, they do not emit any exhaust fumes. At present, they use advanced lithium battery technology and offer run-time and power that is similar to any petrol driven model. 
  • An additional benefit is that a battery-powered trimmer does not require any fuel. So, there is no chance of any fuel spill. You do not need to carry any spare fuel or jerry cans or go through the mess of mixing two-stroke oil. All you need to do is insert the 36v battery, and it gets all the power required to get the job done.  
  • Moreover, a battery-powered grass trimmer is easy to operate. The motor typically starts with just a single push of a button. They are also lighter than other fuel or gas-powered models and are well balanced. Using these trimmers regularly is an easy task for the majority of the property owners. Also, there is no negative impact on the surrounding air quality as they do not emit any fumes.
  • The best part about these trimmers is that they are cordless. You are not limited by distance, cords, or manoeuvrability while using it on the lawn. You can move around freely in the direction you prefer, without having to fear about stepping over cords. It allows you to enjoy a free-range of motion. You can also adjust the height and power of the trimmer. 


The above points have surely convinced you to spend money on a battery-powered trimmer. If you are looking for a premium quality model, consider purchasing one from trans tank international.  

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