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The patio season is almost here, with the flowers blossoming and birds chirping. With the sweet smell of Pinot Grigio lingering in the air, it is time to decorate your patio. You can either use the regular patio furniture, or you can consider buying some fresh pieces. The furniture stores in Lidcombe will offer you a wide array of off-kilter patio chairs and other patio furniture.  

However, before you buy some fresh pieces of outdoor furniture, you need to make some crucial decisions. A vibrant conversation starter or a soothing sanctuary? Patio Dining or Outdoor lounge? Function or fashion? You have got endless choices.

The guide here will help you to transform your patio into an outdoor space where you can relax, entertain guests, party hard, and enjoy soothing summer evenings.

Patio furniture material

Certain climates are harsh on bottoms and materials alike. Swing in temperature and natural elements can affect your furniture severely. So, the furniture you choose to buy should be in sync with the climate. Listed here is some tried-and-true materials that can make your patio furniture last longer.

  • Polypropylene-Polypropylene can withstand any weather material with a smile. Such furniture is easy to clean and durable. They are also UV resistant and will not crack in the long run. If you want to choose colourful polypropylene patio furniture, place it in the shade to preserve its vibrant look.
  • Wood-Hardwood patio furniture is an excellent choice no matter in what climatic condition you live. Teak wood and acacia are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. Teak wood also comes with natural water and decay-resistant pro Both types gain character with age. However, to buy hardwood furniture, you first need to figure out trustworthy furniture stores in Lidcombe.
  • Steel-Steel has bagged the maximum number of votes when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture material. It is incredibly durable and capable of surviving any temperature fluctuation. Steel furniture is an excellent choice if you are residing in a windy locale.
  • Aluminium-Aluminium, as a furniture element, is weather-resistant, durable, and reliable on its own. It is impervious to rust being a non-ferrous metal. You can pair it with a polyester powder coating, and aluminium will combat weather conditions like an expert.

Spend on focus areas

While choosing patio furniture, focus on the pieces that will let you maximize your patio-moment. If you love to read books lying on a cosy chaise, focus your budget on that. If you are not so declined towards becoming a BBQ master, then prioritize the dining area over the couch.

What if you want to incorporate it all, and your patio is small? Remember that small spaces need more significant and creative ideas. You can try to pair a café table with two salon chairs so that you can relax over a Pie a la mode and dine al fresco. The local furniture stores in Lidcombe will offer you both the chairs and the café table.

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