Tue, Sep 21, 2021

If you want to market your products on the internet, making youtube marketing videos is a great way to do so. But just making videos cannot ensure promotional success. Your videos have to be optimized from start to finish so that it can get ranked and is discoverable through search engines. In this brief guide, we will tell you all about how to optimize YouTube videos. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Optimizing Youtube Videos

There are many SEO tips on how to optimize youtube videos that you should keep in mind. Some of them are discussed below:

1) Rename Video file Using SEO Keyword

Firstly, you must use an SEO tool to choose a keyword that you would like to rename your video file with. The reason for this is that youtube cannot watch your video and decide how relevant it is to your target keyword, but it can read the video file name when it is uploaded.

2) Insert Keyword On Your Video Title

One of the first things that our eyes are drawn to is the video title. Video titles play a huge role in how to optimize your youtube videos. It is said that videos with the same keyword as searched for in the search engine have a slight advantage over those who do not.

3) Optimize Your Video Description

The description limit of youtube videos is 1000 characters, but the description of your youtube video should contain all important information in the first few lines only. This is done because the viewers do not have time to read the whole description. The description can also contain a video transcript for those who watch it without volume.

4) Put Youtube Tags Related To The Topic Of Your Video 

YouTube Creator Academy suggests using tags to help viewers know what your video is about. Tags are of great help if you want to know how to optimize YouTube videos. It helps the viewers understand the content and context of your video. But using tags that are not related to the video just for getting views can result in Google penalizing you.

5) Categorize Your Youtube Video 

Once the video is uploaded, you can categorize it under “Advanced Settings”. Choosing a category of your video can help you group your videos with other similar content on youtube, and this, in turn, helps you gain exposure to more viewers of a similar content type. 

6) Upload An Eye-Catching Thumbnail For Your Video 

The Thumbnail of your youtube video is the main image viewers see while scrolling through youtube videos. Thumbnails are the only thing that attracts the attention of the viewers. You need to make sure that you edit the video thumbnail using a good editing software so that it can match the topic of the video and is attractive.


Since we have discussed all the tips on how to optimize youtube videos, it should be easy for you when you do it for your company. There are a lot of SEO tools available on the internet that can help you optimize keywords and make it easy for videos to be available among search results. 


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